Infusionsoft® is a process automation solution that provides contact relationship management, marketing automation and ecommerce software in one product.

Their robust contact management system offers task, calendar and workflow automation. Contacts can be segmented in any way you need or desire. Your imagination is your only limitation.

The powerful marketing automation system features email autoresponders, lead capture and intelligent nurturing, an easy to use drag and drop email and web form builder plus a one-click campaign builder that will knock your socks off.

The Infusionsoft® ecommerce system delivers order forms, shopping cart, upsells, cross-sells and affiliate program management to your website.

Many organizations map their marketing and office processes using Visio or other graphical models. Infusionsoft took that process one step further by building a tool where you map out your process in a graphical model while associating actual processes to the components. This powerful tool is the Campaign Builder. In the Campaign Builder you can create your newsletter sign-up forms attach them to the desired email sequence and assign a goal for that campaign such as a webinar registration or product purchase. Click Here if you would like to read more about Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder.

Infusionsoft Campaign Builder
Image from Infusionsoft

If your online goal is a membership site, Infusionsoft has you covered with their membership software CustomerHub. Because CustomerHub is an Infusionsoft product, it is tightly integrated into Infusionsoft where you can create webforms using Infusionsoft for members to register on your membership portal. CustomerHub’s features include content dripping over time, facebook integration and free trials and upsells.

The Infusionsoft product is quite powerful but if there is something missing as it pertains to your individual circumstances or unique process, I’m sure you would be able to accomplish the goal through Infusionsoft’s fast and reliable API. The Infusionsoft® API is where the power of the application really lies. The API enables you to deliver functionality that you have only dreamed of doing. We have experience integrating third party software like Infusionsoft’s API into websites.

Don’t be a slave to your website. Power your website to handle the robotic tasks while you get to work running and growing your business.