You are currently viewing Stop Sifting! Find Contact Tag Dates in ActiveCampaign with R
Find Contact Tag Dates in ActiveCampaign with R

Stop Sifting! Find Contact Tag Dates in ActiveCampaign with R

Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of date information for tags on ActiveCampaign contact pages? When troubleshooting automations, knowing when a tag was applied is crucial. Sifting through a long list of tags, especially for clients with extensive tagging, can be a real time-suck.

There’s a better way! Here, I’ll introduce the R package ‘ractivecampaign’ that simplifies finding the date a tag was applied to a contact.

ActiveCampaign Contact Page with Tags

The Problem:

ActiveCampaign’s interface displays contact tags without timestamps. This makes it difficult to:

  • Diagnose why automations aren’t triggering as expected.
  • Understand a contact’s journey through your marketing funnel.


The Manual (and Tedious) Solution:

Previously, I relied on the ActiveCampaign API to retrieve contact tags. This involved:

  1. Making multiple API calls.
  2. Matching retrieved tag IDs to a separate list of tag names.

The Powerful (and Time-Saving) Solution:

The R package ‘ractivecampaign’ by Alexey Seleznev is a game-changer. It allows you to easily query a client’s ActiveCampaign account and retrieve a list of tags assigned to a contact, including:

  • Tag ID
  • Tag Name
  • Date Assigned

This streamlined process significantly reduces troubleshooting time and provides valuable insights into your marketing automation efforts.

The R Code


# Enter ActiveCampaign API token below

# Enter ActiveCampaign API URL below
Sys.setenv('ACTIVECAMPAGN_API_URL' = "")

# Replace 1000 below with the contact’s id.
contact_id <- 1000

# The next line retrieves all the tags for the given contact id
contact_tags <- ac_get_contact_tags(contact_id) 

# Retrieve all tag data in the ActiveCampaign account
all_tags <- ac_get_tags()

# Merge the contact tags with all the tag data to produce a tag list 
# for the given contact with dates assigned to the contact
contact_tag_details <- merge(contact_tags, all_tags, by="id", "tag") %>%

# Display the list



Even if you’re not an R expert, the ‘ractivecampaign’ package can be a valuable tool.

I have found this script essential for troubleshooting issues with automations that are triggered by tags or automations that assign multiple tags.

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