Congratulations, you have launched your website!

It has been a long time coming and you can’t help but admire your hard work and gaze at your beautiful website. But there is still more work to do. You expected that your website would work as your commercial advertisement and explain your products or services. But why not increase the function of your site to perform some of the routine and tedious work you do.

Email Marketing

Do you have an Email Marketing service? There are many on the market: Infusionsoft, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Emma, and ActiveCampaign. Did you make sure that your contact forms on your website are integrated with your Email Marketing service? If not, replace those contact forms with ones that are integrated with your Email Marketing service.

The major benefit of adding contacts immediately to your email marketing system ensures that the contact is getting important and essential information from your organization.


Did you include Google Analytic, Bing Web Analytics or MixPanel tracking scripts on your site? If not, open an account and start tracking the activity of your customers / contacts around your site. Google Analytics and Bing Web Analytics are free and you should be taking advantage of the wealth of information you can obtain from their tools.

Process Automation

Are you providing a free white paper or some other digital download on your site? Wouldn’t you like to stay in touch with those contacts that took the time to request the white paper or download the digital asset?

Through process automation you can begin an email campaign to coax the customer back to your site and convince them to make a product or service purchase. You can create razor sharp focused emails that connect the contact’s request for the digital asset with your product or service.

Infusionsoft provides a bundled product of ecommerce and marketing automation. While Infusionsoft is a terrific and robust platform, it may be more than the average small business budget can afford. There are other platforms that may fit better into your budget.

ActiveCampaign is a terrific platform that provides a robust service with a more economical price point. While ActiveCampaign does not include ecommerce, it provides integrations with popular ecommerce packages like WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Shopify.

With both Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign, you can track visitors to your site that have already completed a contact form. You can then see what pages they visit, products they purchase which can trigger targeted emails that are appropriate for them. The email series can be stopped once a goal has been achieved. No longer will your contact be bothered with emails pitching the purchase of a product or service once they make the purchase. The goal of the automation has been achieved and the emails will cease for that product but they could be graduated into another series. The possibilities are endless.

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Yes, you’ve done the research and read the fine print and yet your software is still not seamlessly working with your site. Don’t pull your hair out, contact us.