Website Content Migration

We can move your content regardless if it is in raw HTML files or a content management system.

From WordPress To WordPress

Are you moving from one hosting company to another server?

There are many reasons why you might want to change hosting providers. You have outgrown the features and/or resources. You found a more affordable company offering the same features you are accustomed to.

Many website hosting companies offer one free migration to entice you to move. But if you have multiple websites, there is a good chance they will not be included in the free migration service.

Don't worry. We can safely move all of your content from one hosting company's server to another.

Raw HTML Source

Was your site built using raw HTML files?

Your website was built using raw HTML files and now you realize that you require a content management system like WordPress with robust functionality, responsive design and ease of use.

We can efficiently move your content from raw HTML files into WordPress so that you can easily manage, edit and create new content without the need of a programmer each time you require a modification.

Multiple Sources

Did you build your site using specialized niche platforms?

Your web presence is spread all over the internet on various platforms like UserVoice, Shopify and Webbly. But with the different platforms, you don’t have quite the same look and feel throughout your services. You want your customers and visitors to have a similar experience whether they are reading your blog, knowledge base or in your online shop. Now you are ready to move your web content from all those disparate services to one consolidated service for centralize control and management.

Trust us to collect your content from these various platforms and integrate into one WordPress installation.

Choosing the right content migration service is not an easy task.

Moving from one hosting company to another or from one Content Management System to another can be such a daunting process that some people just stay where they are.

We do not feel you should suffer with a hosting company you don't like or work with an outdated framework. We can move your website assets from whatever format it is in to WordPress. We have had experience migrating content from many sources:

  • HTML pages without a content management system – .html, .php, .asp and .aspx
  • GoDaddy SiteBuilder
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Shopify
  • Etsy
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • UserVoice

We will prepare your WordPress site with the theme of your choosing and install the necessary plugins to facilitate your business needs. We do not believe in overburdening your website with frivolous plugins. There is a core set of plugins that we rely on and advocate their use such as Yoast SEO and, of course, WooCommerce if you plan to sell online.

If you are using 1ShoppingCart and want to try to migrate your products yourself, take a look at our step by step instructions to import your 1ShoppingCart products to WooCommerce.

For you Etsy store owners: Jeff Daigle wrote an interesting article explaining the 5 myths Esty sellers hear about building your own sites.

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