What Our Customers Have Said About The Plugin

Excellent Customer Service I am very grateful for the work and performance of the premium 1ShoppingCart plugin. You have done an outstanding job with it, letting us seamlessly integrate our 1ShoppingCart products into our Wordpress website. I strongly recommend the plugin and your services to all that use 1ShoppingCart.com and have a Wordpress website! Thank you again!
~ Lorraine Armas
This Plugin ROCKS, it just made the development of simple eCommerce portals into Wordpress even Cheaper !!!! This allows me to build and expand our eCommerce site collection even faster than we already have been. This is a mandatory expansion for any word press developer that wants to build a quick and efficient eCommerce portal.
~ Michael Waters, CTO Harkn Technologies
Great Plugin for 1Shoppingcart and WordPress! Running an external cart avoids all the security hassles and integration in WordPress, but being able to handle products, Pricing, descriptions, catalog etc. use to be difficult. Now my clients can use this to easily add shopping cart products and functionality anywhere on their site. Excellent support makes it the perfect fit! I highly recommend Equal Serving and the WordPress Plugin for 1ShoppingCart.com Plugin.
~ Elliott Cunningham, www.westgatemarketing.net

Unfortunately, because Bundled Offers are not really products, the API does not support any bundled offers that are in the catalog. Bundled products would have to be maintained manually on the WordPress site.