What are your shipping fees?

Have you given the proper thought to calculate your shipping fees?

Too many online businesses lose money every time they ship an order to a customer. This is because shipping fees are an afterthought. Please don’t make the same mistake.

You have given careful consideration to the pricing of your products. Take the same time to carefully consider what is involved in the shipping of your products. Think about the time it takes to prepare the product for shipping, the packaging you will use to ship the product, the time to get the product to your shipping courier and of course, the actual cost your shipping courier charges you to ship your product.

Shipping Fee Calculation

Free Shipping or Free Shipping on Orders of Some Minimum Amount

Can you offer free shipping or discounted shipping once the total purchase reaches a minimum amount? With your shipping costs calculated, does it make sense to increase the price of your products to absorb some or all of those costs and allow you to offer free shipping. Remember – free shipping may be the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart.

Richard Lazazzera at Shopify has written a terrific article on the topic of shipping and fulfillment that I encourage you to read before publishing your shipping fees


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